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At 3px Studios we always value the development and growth of junior web developers who wish to advance their skills and make a better living out of web development without spending too much money in web development courses

We believe that web development should be absolutely painless and as quick as possible even to beginners. And in order for this to happen, we believe that there must be a free library from which beginners and even senior web developers can gather learning resources and samples to deliver solutions in a short period but with world class quality and performance.

As a result, we – 3px Studios– have decided to initiate a free library or Web Development Repository – ‘Webrep’ for web developers to advance their skills in web development and access free resources to use in their own projects.

We have started by posting a few tutorials and samples for beginners but more resources will be added for both beginners and advanced developers. If you share our vision, please register and post your own tutorials and sample codes and if you have suggestions please kindly post a comment on this post or contact our admin.

TIP: Advertise yourself or company by including links to your website / portfolio on your posts or samples.

Webrepo Categories;

  • JavaScript
  • PHP Script
  • JQuery
  • CSS
  • HTML


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  1. mahlamusa:

    We are planning to move Webrepo to its own domain name and complete independence (http://webrepo.co.za). Please contact webrepo@3px.co.za or 0767064015 to enquire about Webrepo or to support the development of the project.

    Thank You
    3px Studios

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